7 Better Living Tips

16 May

I love lists. Here is a list of 7 things you can do to live better.

1. Say something honest everyday. (I would venture further and say be honest all day!)
2. Make a list of seven things you can’t replace. (What matters most to you?)
3. Make a list of five people you can’t live without. (Quality, not quantity.)
4. Move into a smaller house. (Not always feasible, but you’d be forced to get rid of excess junk.)
5. Become a vegan for three months. (Not really for me, but I can see how it would benefit.)
6. Quit your job. (Not always feasible, but what else could you do if you weren’t working?)
7. Train for an endurance race. (Reach that goal!)

I’m sure I could come up with seven different ideas, but these are some to get started, or start brainstorming with.

Source: Lifehack
7 Effective Ways to De-Junk Your Life

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